Call of duty Modern Warfare New Weapons Leaked


From the latest leaks, it has been identified that there will be lots of changes are coming to Call of duty Modern Warfare in season 4 and beyond.

The original sources of the leaked weapons in the Prominent Call of Duty leaker and Reddit user JeaneJWE. Later the TheGamingRevolution later shared a gameplay video featuring the Galil and Vector SMG in action. Some of the weapons which are yer to be released can be already played in Modern Warfare “using various different modding techniques.”

call of duty modern warfare

Currently, there is no clarity that learns these new weapons will be added in the game, but it has been clear that Call of Duty Modern Warfare season 4 will launch with at least two of them. Both TGR and JeaneJWE say the most likely additions with season 4 are the Galil and Vector, due to a process of elimination that makes the impending release of the other weapons less likely.


The Galil is described as similar to the AK47,  with roughly the same damage and control, and “average” stats elsewhere.

There are more weapons also coming in the  Call of Duty Modern Warfare which may include the APC9, HKG28, and the XM109.

It has been expected that Call of Duty Modern Warfare season 4 is expected to go live early next month, so everything will get clear very soon that which weapons are going to be launched.


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