Facebook Gaming finds 238% growth in month of April


Facebook Gaming has been seen with a huge growth of 238 percent growth in hours watched. Peoples staying at home due to Covid-19 Pandemic are using a live game streaming platform like Facebook gaming, Twitch for steaming their gaming videos. Apart from Facebook twitch has been seen with 101 percent growth in hours watched while YouTube with 65% percent growth Globally.

facebook gaming

Facebook gaming currently leading in the race of live game streaming platform has been seen with 86 million growth in hours watched in April month. This has been according to the data provided by live-streaming data analytics platforms StreamElements and Arsenal.gg.


Microsoft mixer has been seen with the lowest growth with just 0.2 percent in gaming hours watched. In Starting moths of the year 2020  Facebook’s game streaming platform received almost 554 million hours of viewing time compared to 1.1 billion for YouTube and 3.1 billion for Twitch, This has been according to the latest data from live-streaming software service Streamlabs.

Facebook gaming getting more popular day by day in the last month it has launched its own gaming app on Google Play Store for Android users which is named as Facebook which is free and millions of users can easily watch the stream and stream their games from their smartphones.


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