Google Play Music to YouTube Music transfers rolling out


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Google has finally started transferring Google Play Music to YouTube Music. The transfer tool helps in transferring all uploaded music into YouTube Music. Last year Google also hinted that they will not prioritize Google play music by launching its new YouTube Music platform. Google Play Music users were also waiting for the years for Google to bring YouTube Music to feature parity with GPM.


The New feature is not fully rolled out it appears to be a server-side rollout, Which means it will not be available for everyone at once so as to avoid the heavy load on the server. It will take time to fully roll out for all the devices.

Google has started giving the default music application as YouTube music from the last year. Google wants the new and upcoming devices to come up with new YouTube Music. Most of the devices sold in Q1 2020 were preinstalled with YouTube music.

GPM users should transfer their music to YouTube Music soon because There’s no telling how long the transfer feature will be available. YouTube music will be loved more than the GPM because youtube music offers a variety of contents and we can also listen to the songs from music creators of YouTube.


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