Google Removed 38 Adware-Infested Apps from Play Store


play store removed 38 apps

Google has started making the play store more relevant for its users. Recently Google has removed 38 apps from its Google Play store that infested Android smartphones with out-of-context advertisements. According to the reports these 38 apps were not serving their purpose as they named but they were showing the malicious ads in their apps and redirecting app users to malicious URL. The research of these apps claims these apps had amassed more than 20 million downloads.

The findings were published in a research paper by Bot mitigation company White Ops and were reported by ZDNet. According to the authors, these apps were created from the same developers and used for showing the malicious ads and redirecting the users to the malicious contents.


After the detection by Google team, they found malicious content in those 38 apps and they got quickly removed from the Google Play store.

“But even with an average of fewer than three weeks of time on the Play Store, the apps found an audience: the average number of installs for the apps we analyzed was 565,833,” the research reads.

All the 38 apps were targeted to misguide their audience without serving an actual purpose. The App developers were also tricking with changing app names so that it doesn’t get easily identified.

The list of remove apps can be found on the researcher’s website.


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