Google’s Pixel Foldable Phone Will be launched in Q4 2021


google foldable phone

Google’s first Pixel foldable Smartphone is expected to be launched in the next year, This was suggested by the internal Android document. There are various hints given in the new document that the tech giant is already working on its first foldable device and is looking to launch it in 2021. Apart from this Google’s Pixel Foldable Phone the documents also suggest that Google is also developing Android builds for the Pixel 5a and at least two other devices.

According to the reports from 9to5Google they have accessed this internal Android document that lists builds of all publicly launched Pixels and a few unannounced ones as well. The devices are codenamed with different names, the Pixel 5a that has been codenamed as ‘barbette’. The foldable device is reported to be codenamed ‘passport’ and the other two devices that are also under development are reportedly codenamed ‘raven’ and ‘oriole’. This clearly suggests that the raven and oriole are codenames for the Pixel 6 series which expected to be launched in  2021.


Google’s upcoming smartphones always remain in the rumors, In last year it was rumored that  Google has been rumored to be working on a foldable Pixel. The design and the look of Google’s upcoming smartphone are not revealed yet although The design could be one of the several foldable prototypes Google may have tested.


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