How to Take a screenshot in Windows PC in Seconds


Taking screenshots in Windows Pc can be a hard task for you sometimes, but it is very important to how you can do it.  A screenshot is very helpful many times such as if u have reported a bug in windows by sending screenshots or capturing any moment on your screen.

screenshot in widows

But you must know the ways to capture the screenshots there are various option to capture a screenshot in windows pc this option includes Print Screen key, sending screenshots to OneDrive, capturing one using Game bar, and others.

Windows Provides the total 6 methods to capture the screenshots, Three of the methods include the Print Screen key while the remaining three require the Windows (Win) key.

On your Keyboard, you can find the PrtScn key located in the upper-right corner. The Win key typically resides on the lower left between the Control (Ctrl) and Alternate (Alt) keys. The windows key shows the windows logo so it is not hard to find.

If u are using  Laptops the  PrtScn key must be combined with the function key

Ways to Capture screenshot in windows

Win + Alt + Print Screen- This key combination will capture the entire screen and save the screenshot to C:Users<user name>Videos>. For using this feature you must be sure that the game bar is toggled from – Settings > Gaming > Game bar.

Print Screen (PrtScn) – This method will capture the entire screen and if u have connected multiple displays than it will capture all in a single image. By default, this method does not save your image but as a file but the images are going to be saved as the clipboard.

Win + Print Screen- This method is useful because it will capture your image as a screenshot and saves it in your Pc. By default the save location is – C: Users<user name>Pictures>

Alt + Print Screen- Captures a single window. Be sure to highlight the target window first, such as a document or browser, before pressing these two keys (or three on a laptop). By default, This method will not save you images as a separate file but it is going to be saved as the clipboard.


Win + Shift + S- Capture a screenshot using the built-in Snip & Sketch tool. The screens dim on choosing a combination of Win+shift+s and it will provide you four options on a small toolbar:

RectangularFreeformWindow, and Fullscreen.

screenshot capture windows

This tool does not save captures as an image but merely sends them to the clipboard.

Win + G – These methods will  open the game toolbar

screenshot capture

Click on the screenshot button and it will save the screenshot as an image to C:Users<user name>Videos>Captures .To use this tool you have to sure that Game bar’s screen capture feature is toggled on in Settings > Gaming > Game bar.

Alternative Ways to Capture Screenshot in Windows

The Snipping Tool

The best alternative method to capture the screenshot in windows is the snipping tool, This method can be time taking than the other methods explained but it will help you to capture any portion of your screen.

You can find this snipping tool in the search bar just by typing snip

Step 1: After opening the snipping tool you will find a screen similar to shown  below

windows screenshot

Step 2: Choose the type of snip you want to take and proceed

Step 3: After taking the screenshot you will be asked where you want to save the screenshot you can choose your favorite location.

Conclusion: In my opinion all the explained methods are explained in a very easy manner that u exactly get how u can perform steps to capture screenshot in your windows pc it can be capturing a definite part of your screen, or capturing the full-screen this all can be done.


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