How to use facebook messenger rooms for group video call | 50 peoples


Facebook messenger rooms

Facebook messenger rooms is a very convenient way of making group video call doing meetings and also best for long-distance studies because it provides you adding 50 peoples over the video for free. The best part of the Facebook messenger rooms is you are going to get end to end encryption over the server of Facebook and you all videos and audio transferred over the group video call is fully safe and the company also claimed that they don’t store and users data related to privacy.

What is Facebook messenger rooms

facebook messenger rooms,facebook messenger rooms


Facebook messenger rooms is a type of group video calling up to 50 peoples for free. Facebook messenger is new in video calling market which offers very high security and good quality group video calls, recently zoom app was trending in the market for making virtual meetings and distance learning or group video call but many companies were not found that it is not safe for them because it has been caught in the leak of the user’s data so the Facebook messenger rooms can be a better and best choice for this because it will offer you an end to end encryption on the Facebook server but the company has also said that meetings and group video calls do not fully end to end encrypted but it’s safe to be used.

How to use Facebook messenger rooms

Step 1: Firstly you need to update your Facebook Messenger app to latest version to access the Facebook messenger rooms feature.

facebook messenger rooms


Step 2: Then go into the app and on the Chats page, there will be a new “Create Room” button. choose that option


Step 3: Now u can select the activity for the room like study, meeting, etc and privacy settings of who can discover it with scheduling time for the start of the messenger room.

Step 4: After setting up these things you have to go on the invite page to choose who can attend your room.

Step 5: Now it will send the invites to each person u have selected.

Step 6: once everything is done and you’ve carried out a Rooms chat, it will show your chats page there and you can add the persons u have invited anytime.

Facebook CEO  has declared that the Facebook messenger room services will begin rolling out in some countries from this week, and will reach to the rest of the world in upcoming weeks.

 Add 50 peoples in Facebook messenger rooms

facebook messenger rooms,facebook messenger rooms

The Best feature of the Facebook messenger rooms is that we can add 50 peoples for free and there is no time limit, earlier many meetings were getting held on zoom have time limits and they were not able to experience the meetings for a long time but the facebook offers it for totally free and u can enjoy the longs hours meetings of groups or studies.

After creating the room you will get options like an invite from there u can invite up to 50 peoples and add them in a single meeting, this feature is really amazing because due to global pandemic companies suffering meetings from their terms and students were also facing the same away from schools and college so Facebook messenger rooms can be a better choice for them.



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