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What is the Whatsapp Messenger rooms?

Whatsapp messenger rooms are service by WhatsApp in which multiple users can chat over each other on a single video call. This seems more good for making meetings for any company and organization where multiple users can make group video calls on the single screen, This Whatsapp messenger room is available for Whatsapp web. Last month Facebook has also launched its Facebook messenger rooms which work the same as Whatsapp messenger rooms but it is only for Facebook users.

whatsapp messenger rooms

Whatsapp messenger rooms is a great feature because there were various security issues with another group video chat services like zoom, In Whatsapp, we know that our chat and voice calls ended to end encrypted and the Whatsapp messenger rooms feature is also end to end encrypted which means fully safe your voice transferred between one user to another is fully safe so need to worry about any privacy.

Whatsapp web gets messenger rooms supports

You must be getting crazy to use WhatsApp messenger rooms because it’s as exciting as your craziness. The best part of WhatsApp messenger rooms is that you can use it from the WhatsApp web. Although it is also available for Whatsapp app while doing video calls with multiple peoples you will get good experience only in the WhatsApp web.

This feature was earlier spotted in the beta version of the WhatsApp than WhatsApp rolled out this feature for WhatsApp web users.

The official report claims to have spotted a shortcut on WhatsApp Web for Messenger Rooms. The option was first shown in the attachments tab (paperclip button).

Features in WhatsApp messenger rooms

The Highlighted Feature of the messenger rooms is that you have to create a group in messenger and send a link to group video chat with anyone. You can group video chat with anyone even they don’t have Whatsapp or messenger.

  • Create Group directly from the messenger
  • Anyone can join with the link
  • Whatsapp or messenger is not needed for joining the invite
  • more than 8+ peoples can join
  • Low data usage
  • Video chats are end-to-end encrypted
  • Fast and Clear videos calls

How to use Whatsapp messenger rooms

WhatsApp has rolled out Messenger Rooms Shortcuts in the 2.2019.6 Web update. Using Whatsapp messenger rooms is not that much hard task below we have explained some steps to use WhatsApp messenger rooms in WhatsApp web.

Step 1: Search Whatsapp web in your browser

Step 2: Open The Official Whatsapp web website

Whatsapp messenger rooms for web

Step 3: Scan The barcode from your mobile

whatsapp messenger rooms web

Step 4: Now open the chat of any contacts

Step 5: The main shortcuts For messenger rooms will be visible in the actions list in the chat:

whatsapp messenger rooms web

If the user selects the Messenger Rooms Shortcut, WhatsApp will show an introduction of the feature:

The introduction feature will some short details about the features of the new WhatsApp messenger rooms on the WhatsApp web.


Step 6: Continue and invite your WhatsApp messenger video chat participants to start the video chat.

By following these simple steps you can start the group video chat via WhatsApp web and also these same steps is valid for WhatsApp app, but here you don’t need to search anything on google just perform steps directly from your Whatsapp app.

You can Directly Visit Whatsapp Web from the button given below:

Whatsapp Web  

WhatsApp messenger rooms and its competitors

Whatsapp messenger rooms are getting much popular day by day because of its fast and good quality than other group video calling apps. Recently zoom app was getting used for making multiple video chats, meetings, and studies but Whatsapp messenger rooms seem to be taking the lead in this race because WhatsApp is offering all these features for the free and in zoom you have to pay some money after long hours of video chat but all these features included in WhatsApp messenger rooms are free.

Whatsapp messenger rooms offer more and good security than the zoom video calling app and it has end to end encryption which is missing in zoom.

Zoom has been also suspected in sharing the user’s data anonymously without getting the user to know about where their data is being been used. When this news got in hike many peoples stopped using the zoom app, but now most of the peoples are preferring the WhatsApp messenger rooms which is quite good in terms of security as well as features.

In my opinion, you should WhatsApp messenger rooms because it includes great features and great security.

Is Whatsapp Messenger rooms safe?

Whatsapp messenger rooms are fully safe in terms of security because it offers you end to end encryption which is the best security features you will get.

What is Whatsapp Group calls?

Whatsapp group calls are group video chat features officially by WhatsApp which was first launched in WhatsApp application but now it is also available for WhatsApp web.

How to use Whatsapp group calls

Whatsapp group calls can be used from the application as well as the WhatsApp web.

In order to use WhatsApp group calls you can choose the action button in WhatsApp chats and start the group video calls.


Whatsapp messenger rooms are a great feature which you must use because it’s a great feature for meetings and studies. If you are looking to create meetings or making group video calls than you must go for this WhatsApp messenger rooms.

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