Prevention of new coronavirus: How to Prevent Corona Virus


What is the new pneumonia

Does early clinical manifestation mean that you are infected? When do I need to see a doctor?

The appearance of fever, fatigue, and dry cough does not mean that you have been infected.
However, if there are symptoms of acute respiratory infections such as fever (underarm temperature ≥37.3 ℃), cough, shortness of breath, and history of travel or residence in Wuhan, or patients who have been exposed to fever with respiratory symptoms from Wuhan within 14 days before onset, or If there is a small-scale clustered disease, it should be checked, diagnosed and treated at the local designated medical institution.

What is the difference between a common cold, flu and pneumonia infected by a new coronavirus?

common cold

Most patients have mild symptoms and generally do not cause pneumonia; influenza can cause high fever, cough, sore throat, muscle pain, etc.

new pneumonia

Symptoms of the patients are mainly fever, fatigue, and dry cough. Some patients have no fever symptoms and may experience chest tightness and dyspnea.



coronavirus prevention and control work

Why do close contacts need medical observation for 14 days?

At present, preventive public health measures such as stricter medical observation for close contacts are necessary. This is a responsible attitude towards public health and safety, and a common practice in the international community.

The period of close medical observation for the close contacts was set at 14 days, and the close medical contacts were observed at home.

Coronavirus prevention and control work

What is close contacts ?


(1) Those who live, study, work or have close contact with the case;

(2) Medical personnel, family members or other persons who have similar close contact with the case when they have not taken effective protective measures during diagnosis, treatment, and visiting the case;

(3) Other patients and their accompanying staff in the same ward;

(4) Take the same transportation with the case and have close contact with people;

(5) On-site investigators investigate persons who are assessed to be eligible under the assessment.

Corona hai

How can the public prevent pneumonia from a new coronavirus infection?

(1) Maintain hand hygiene.
(2) Maintain indoor air circulation.
(3) Be sure to wear a suitable mask when visiting the hospital or accompanying a doctor.
(4) Good and safe eating habits, thoroughly cook meat and eggs when cooking.
(5) Try to avoid contact with wild or farmed animals without protection.

How to effectively control COVID-19

How to choose and wear a mask

For the purpose of self-protection and reducing the risk of respiratory infections, medical-surgical masks, and N95 masks can be used.

What if I am diagnosed with a new coronavirus?

To believe that the current coronavirus epidemic is preventable and treatable, patients can be completely cured. Actively cooperate with isolation and treatment, receive health examinations and epidemiological investigations, and provide personal contact history truthfully, and must not evade management.

What if I am diagnosed with a new coronavirus?

Receive follow-up management from the health department, do a good job of personal protection, reduce close contact with others, and truthfully report changes in personal conditions.


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