PUBG PC update 7.2 is added with Ranked mode and Bots


pubg pc 7.2 update

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) PC has been updated with Ranked mode and Bots in the latest 7.2 updates. In the latest version, PUBG PC many new and exciting features are added, it includes the bots to online PC servers, along with a much-awaited Ranked Mode. This update of PUBG Pc is considered to be a big update for the famous battle royale game, as the Ranked Mode has been a much-awaited feature, after other similar games like Fortnite and Apex Legends had got it a while back. Bots, on the other hand, has been very much controversial topic among PUBG gamers, since the veteran player has opposed the addition of bots. There are lots of change has been done in the latest PUBG PC 7.2 update but some noticeable change is Weapons & Armor Balance.

PUBG PC Ranked Mode Update

Bots in PUBG were added for the testing purpose only but after today’s update, they will show up for everyone. The Update 7.2 – Patch Notes clears that bots will appear only in the normal games and it will be reduced as the player skill increases. PUBG team has also posted on the twitter about the latest update 7.2.

Ranked Mode PUBG PC Update

It is the most awaited feature in PUBG PC it allows up to 64 players to battle it out in squad-based combat and also helps in increasing ranking with the new rule set that focuses on loot and pacing. It has been revealed that PUBG for the console will get the Ranked Mode on May 26.

 Other Changes in PUBG PC update 7.2

Apart from the bots and Ranked mode PUBG PC update 7.2 is added with many other features. The biggest noticed feature changes in its new Weapon & Armor Balance. changes include retuned Assault Rifle and Shotgun weapon types. In terms of Armor, Vests once destroyed will not disappear, and nor will their inventory space. Vests will also continue to provide a small amount of protection even once destroyed.

There have also been improvements in UI of PUBG PC and the bugs related to sound and all other bugs are fixed properly in this update. You can read more about this latest PUBG update from the Update 7.2 – Patch Notes.

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