Qualcomm Sets up new factory in Vietnam for 5G chipset


new factory

The Demand for 5G Chipset is increasing every day, Smartphone manufacturers are also started looking for 5G chipset. The Chip manufacturer is also caring and started manufacturing chips as fast as they can do. Qualcomm has also made the announcement that it is opening a factory in Vietnam to maintain the production of the Snapdragon processors.

American companies have been in trouble for the past few months due to the trade war between the US and China. The companies that have their production activities in China started to look for alternative ways. Qualcomm has decided to build its new 5G factory in Vietnam. The new factory will be used primarily for R&D and production purposes.


Qualcomm 5G Factory

According to the reports new Qualcomm 5G production plant will be located in Hanoi, Vietnam. The company has claimed that there will be 3 different sub-facilities, will help develop Qualcomm’s new cellular technologies. There will be new technologies used in the new  Qualcomm Vietnam factory, new front radio chips, and new image detection technologies specifically designed for smartphones. The second will be for testing the power consumption and performance metrics. The third facility will work to adjust image sensors and measure their quality.


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