Top 5 Free keyword research tools to boost your site in 2020


Keywords research is the most important part of blogging to enhance your page or blog visibility in google search results as we already their is huge competition in various keyword already so you always have to make research on new and less competitive keywords to easily get ranking in the google search result.

Keyword research is done by some famous keyword research tools which are used to check the keyword difficulties, Keyword volume, and other keyword related things to make you visible in google search console.


Best Keyword research tools

keyword research tools

1.keywords everywhere

Keywords everywhere were (and still is) a good tool for obtaining keyword-level metrics overlaid on high of internet sites like Google Search, Search Console, and YouTube. this suggests you’re ready to get necessary info like search volume, connected searches, and similar keywords as you navigate search results pages as a part of your keyword analysis method.


2.WMS Everywhere 0.8 CRX for Chrome

WMS Everywhere is an extension that provides keyword metrics like search volume and cost-per-click for your current search term and a collection of related search terms. This free extension is built by

The Best Part of the WMS everywhere is you can Research keywords without leaving your Google search results you will get the details of the keywords in the right sidebar of your chrome browser.

3.Google keyword planner

google keyword planner is also a very effective tool can be used for keyword research on any topic. Google keyword planner provides you in-depth details of any keywords with its volume of searches in google, it also shows the difficulty of any keywords any many other visualizations of any keywords to make your blogging easier.

4.Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs as of late revealed a better than ever “keywords Explorer”.Furthermore, what I like most about Keywords Explorer is this:

It gives you SUPER inside and out data on every keyword. Without a doubt, you get the information you’d expect (like hunt volume). Be that as it may, you additionally get a breakdown of the first-page competition… and how many searchers actually click on a result.

5.Uber Suggest

Ubersuggest keyword suggestion tool merely takes no matter keyword you type in and so provides you all of the suggested searches (from Google, Bing) for that keyword. It goes down each letter of the alphabet and provides you hundreds of suggestions in an exceedingly matter of seconds. The result appearance one thing like this (my keyword was “android”).


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