Twitter India launches its new Gratitude emoji


Twitter a social media platform has launched its new Gratitude emoji for the users. Twitter Gratitude emoji supports different languages and it can be very easily activated using the three hashtags. You can use  ‘#thankful’, #gratitude’, and other variations of the words for activating them. Peoples can also use #धन्यवाद in Hindi.

gratitude emoji

Due to Covid-19, many peoples are expressing gratitude to the peoples who are still working in this lockdown, and from the data Since March 15, there have been over 250 million tweets which were expressing gratitude and This is 26% increase from February’s average.

Peoples are mostly showing gratitude towards the essential worker, Doctors, and people who are working still in this COVID – 19 Global pandemics and this gratitude may give them a positive message that the whole country is in support with them.

According to the reports from twitter pray and clap, emoji has an increase of 50% and 10% respectively. Earlier on the World health day, Twitter was using the clap emoji to show thanks to healthcare workers around the world.

Sharing appreciation from emojis is getting popular twitter, recently Facebook has also launched its react emoji for the users which can be easily used in the posts and also on messenger. Instagram has also started it’s ‘Stay at Home’ sticker for promoting the social distancing during the global pandemic. In ‘Stay at Home’ sticker if any of the people you follow to use this sticker than Instagram show those stories that how others are practicing social distancing.



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