WhatsApp Issuess with last seen and Online got fixed


whatsapp bugs fixed

Whatsapp has finally fixed the issues which were related to the last seen, online, or Status. A few days back millions of the Whatsapp users were facing issues in their Whatsapp they were not able to see the last seen or online status of their Whatsapp contacts. According to the reports, The issue was a server-side and now it has been fully resolved.

Some of the users were also reported that their last seen settings were automatically selected as nobody, but WhatsApp has not given any official statement for this bugs and somehow they fixed these bugs for their million of the users.


This is not a single time users are facing Problems in their Whatsapp. In 2019 users were facing a severe bug that completely wipes out their group chat with a single message but later Whatsapp developers have launched the updated version and bug got fixed.

The Bugs in Whatsapp are obvious sometimes the major thing users can do is they should try checking the latest version of their application and update instantly. The new version of the app is released so as to fix the bugs and errors.


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