Xiaomi might be sending your data to china


If you are a Xiaomi user than the company might have the record of the interaction and uses with the apps in your Xiaomi mobile phones and there can be chances that, data is being sent to China.

Xiaomi privacy

This News recently got the hike in the tech world, Firstly Forbes published on the account of Gabi Cirlig, a cybersecurity researcher who claimed to have found that lots of his phone use habits were being sent to Xiaomi.

  • These were the most used Xiaomi phones
  • including  Xiaomi Phones with millions of users

Cirlig said he found that accounts of internet searches which were done on the Xiaomi browser, folder, and all apps opened including interaction on the home screen all were sent to servers in Singapore and Russia rented by Xiaomi. This is really shocking for the users because it is an act of user privacy violations.

Curling performed this experiment on Redmi Note 8 but he found the same browser code on a Redmi K20 (or Xiaomi Mi 9T, as it was called in many regions), a Xiaomi Mi 10 and a Mi Mix 3, suggesting that the issue would also affect them.

On doing all this Cirlig mentioned that this data is encrypted and it was performed in a very simple manner which means that Cirlig can break down his data and track the own data very easily.


 Xiaomi Reply on Data Privacy

After reading the article in Forbes about Xiaomi they have replied and said “Xiaomi was disappointed to read the recent article from Forbes. We feel they have misunderstood what we communicated regarding our data privacy principles and policy. Our user’s privacy and internet security are of top priority at Xiaomi; we are confident that we strictly follow and are fully compliant with local laws and regulations. We have reached out to Forbes to offer clarity on this unfortunate misinterpretation.

It’s not certain, then, if the fact Cirlig could reportedly easily unscramble his data was a bug affecting just a few users, or a more widespread problem, although it seems Xiaomi doesn’t think its users should feel worried.

Data Save Policy

Mostly all the tech companies collect the users’ data and the usage of the app for knowing how apps and OS is being used by their user, This include the improvements in their performance on the user’s apps and UI usage but in case of the Xiaomi was data easily identifiable said by Cirlig.


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