Zoom Claims to Offer Strong Encryption Only to Paid Users



According to the statement by  Zoom’s security chief Alex Stamos,  Zoom will now offer end-to-end encryption for high-end security. Zoom has been trending in top stories for collecting the users’ data without informing them and it was also marked as an unsafe app for making video calls but Zoom has now presented end-to-end encryption which will provide a good level of the security, but for encryption, users will have to be paid member.

Zoom has attracted millions of free and paying customers in this global pandemic, The major attraction reason was it was providing facilities like multiple people to connect without registering.

“Those of us who are doing secure communication believe we need to do things about the real horrible stuff,” said Callas, who previously sold paid encryption services. “Charging money for end-to-end encryption is a way to get rid of the riff-raff,” including spammers and other malicious users who take advantage of free services. Zoom has started taking seriously for its security flaws and,  Last week Zoom released a technical paper on its encryption plans.


“At the same time that Zoom is trying to improve security, they are also significantly upgrading their trust and safety,” said Stamos, a former chief security officer at Facebook. “The CEO is looking at different arguments. The current plan is paid customers plus enterprise accounts where the company knows who they are.”

overall Zoom is strengthening its security so that the calls we do remain secure, Zoom has also hired Stamos and other experts to provide the full security and trust to its Customers.



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